Fat belly could be treated with pomegranate juice, say scientists

A new study has linked pomegranate juice to fat belly reduction. According the scientists at University of Edinburgh, pomegranate juice has the chemical capacity to reduce the belly fat.

It’s earlier proved that pomegranates are great fruits when comes to health perspective.

Pomegranates can help fight cancer, can improve heart condition and even it is believed to boost the ‘bed activity’.

Researchers selected some people for this test, and asked them to consume a bottle of 500ml of pomegranate juice everyday for a span of 4 weeks.

After the trial period, the people who have consumed the pomegranate juice were found with lesser number of NEFA (Non Esterified Fatty Acid) levels in the blood.

NEFA is known for its capability of storing higher amounts of fat around the stomach region, thus causing belly stomach along with many other health complications like diabetes.

Researchers found active compounds of pomegranate juice effectively battling it out with the NEFA levels, thus reducing the chances of excess fat storage around the abdomen area.

Also the 90% of the test takers were able to keep their blood pressure well and truly under their control.

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